硫阱®EX H2S去除吸附剂



H2S <1 ppm. EASY.

硫化氢吸附剂的选择2从天然气中去除是一件严肃的事情. The intrinsic corrosivity and extreme health hazards that exist when processing gas streams contain hydrogen sulfide can negatively affect your profitability. 化学产品比较靠谱的网赌软件公司. 吸附剂,SULFURTRAP® EX, is a proven, cost-effective, environmentally friendly H吸附剂2年代删除 你可以依靠. 

SULFURTRAP® EX是延长寿命H2S吸附介质,可去除硫化氢2S)和轻硫醇. Its high sulfur-loading capacity and free-flowing characteristics result in an increased bed life and reduced maintenance and replacement costs. 这样效率就提高了, long-lasting hydrogen sulfide removal from natural gas and biogas processing applications!


与其他H相比2S吸附剂,硫磺捕集器® EX持续时间更长. It provides hydrogen sulfide gas removal up to 2-3 times longer than the leading solid scavenger, 显著降低处理成本. 事实上, it is proven around the world to offer the lowest $/lb of sulfur removed and $/Mcf treating cost for low-temperature H2移除应用程序. SULFURTRAP® EX在各种条件下都能高效运行, including partial to fully water-saturated gas as well as gas streams with and without oxygen. So, 不管你的气流成分是什么, you get consistent spec level hydrogen sulfide removal from natural gas and biogas.


SULFURTRAP® EX provides hydrogen sulfide gas removal at lower maintenance and replacement costs. Because of its free-flowing characteristics, SULFURTRAP® EX硫化氢吸附剂, can often be replaced in half the time it takes to replace other solid-based H2S清道夫介质. Easy.


H2年代删除 from biogas can be easily achieved with SULFURTRAP® EX. Due to the nature of the raw materials used to produce biogas (ex. 肥料, agricultural and landfill waste) and the anaerobic environment, hydrogen sulfide is commonly found as a contaminant in biogas. 在消化过程中, H2S的浓度可达5000 ppmv, and 因此 needs to be removed before the biogas can be stored, 运输或使用. SULFURTRAP®交货 H2年代删除 adsorbent can treat sour biogas prior to dehydration for bulk removal or as a polishing step.

向行业领导者询问有关硫磺陷阱的信息® EX

“我们依靠硫阱® 前女友和 化学产品比较靠谱的网赌软件公司.’s 专业知识可靠,性价比高2S从天然气中去除. Any processor concerned with safety and economics should do the same.”


“SULFURTRAP® EX has been the best solid scavenger for our landfill gas sulfur removal operations. 它去掉了H2S and mercaptans at the front-end of the plant which increases overall plant efficiency.”



Extended life, low pressure drop, easy changeout iron based pellets. Lasts 2-3 times longer than the leading hydrogen sulfide adsorbent. 气相应用. 

  • 硫化氢(H2S)去除
  • 硫化氢(H2S)去除
  • 硫化氢(H2S)去除
  • 硫化氢(H2S)去除



  • 持续时间是领先竞争对手的2-3倍
  • 易于更换,最大限度地减少停机时间和人工成本
  • 最低的每磅硫磺和每吨MCF处理成本
  • 去掉两个H2S和轻硫醇
  • 容易达到出口H2S <1 ppm
  • 运行可靠,压降低
  • 在大范围内有效 space 速度 
  • 厌氧条件下有效
  • 适用于不同湿度
  • 去除氧(O)2)


SULFURTRAP®交货 sulfur removal adsorbent is effective across a wide variety of upstream, 中下游应用

  • 炼油厂的植物
  • 井口处理 
  • 海外生产
  • 石化工厂
  • 气体处理厂,如: 
    • 天然气
    • Biogas
    • Syngas
    • CO2
    • 胺单位酸性气体
    • Lng, lpg, Lng
  • 储气库
  • 天然气运输
  • 废水处理
  • 气味控制
  • StainGuard-50应用程序
  • StainGuard-50应用程序
  • StainGuard-50应用程序


在典型配置中® EX被装载到单个垂直容器中, a lead-lag vessel configuration or a parallel vessel configuration where gas or vapor flows through the bed. 含硫化合物与硫阱发生化学反应® EX pellets to form a safe, stable, non-hazardous and free-flowing byproduct. 硫捕集器耗竭® EX H2年代删除 adsorbent occurs gradually from inlet to outlet and is dependent only upon the concentration of hydrogen sulfide and flow rate through the bed. SULFURTRAP® EX works in partially saturated to fully water saturated and aerobic or non-aerobic environments.



SULFURTRAP® EX是一种铁基清除剂. It is also referred to as a fixed-bed or solid type scavenger. 它不是像三嗪那样的液体清除剂, but often can be used in place of liquid scavenger systems.

Yes. SULFURTRAP® EX物理性质,如表面积, 孔隙结构, and shape have been designed specifically for use in gas phase sulfur removal applications.

Yes. SULFURTRAP® EX is a solid pellet type material with high sulfur adsorption capacity.

Yes. SULFURTRAP® EX is based upon patented, concentrated iron oxide based chemistry.

No. SULFURTRAP® EX works across a broad range of process conditions from aerobic to anaerobic and from fully saturated to partial saturation to dry conditions.

No. SULFURTRAP® 使用前的EX被归类为无害. The spent reagent is also generally considered non-hazardous. 更多细节可以在 SULFURTRAP® EX PDS和SDS.

Due to its general non-hazardous characteristic, SULFURTRAP® EX can be disposed of in landfills following local and state regulations and should be qualified appropriately before final disposal. 更多细节可以在 SULFURTRAP® EX PDS和SDS.

SULFURTRAP® EX is unique in its category not only due to the high purity and non-hazardous nature of the raw materials used in its production, but also due to its high flexibility or broad range of usage.

Biogas produced by anaerobic digestion of organic raw material can be obtained using various feedstocks (dairy 肥料, 食物废物及都市固体废物). 因此 the gas composition can vary depending on the source, leading to different sulfur contaminants such as hydrogen sulfide, 硫醇和二氧化硫.

Hydrogen sulfide and water vapor will react during combustion forming corrosive sulfuric acid. 因此, since a primary application of biogas is for use as a fuel that can be burned like natural gas, H等腐蚀性污染物2S必须去掉.

有不同的吸附方法去除H2S from biogas: solid media, biological scrubbing or chemical scrubbing. Selecting the appropriate one depends on parameters such as flowrate and H2年代浓度. In general terms, fixed iron bed solid media, such as SULFURTRAP® ,用于低流量和低H2年代的水平.

H2S和水在厌氧消化过程中产生, 因此, the gas leaving the digester would be water saturated and this would be the ideal location for an adsorbent such as SULFURTRAP® EX. 如果气体在沼气池下游处理, 在水蒸气被除去之后, 然后是干气体吸附剂,如硫阱® ST1会更合适.



  • 技术支持人员
  • Equipment design and process optimization for new or existing fixed-bed applications
  • 操作建议(启动、卸载、处置)
  • 监控
  • 快感的后续
  • 保修

为找到正确的解决方案提供指导 为您的特定H2S和硫醇去除需求 比较靠谱的网赌软件的团队 行业专家.

先进的. 有效的. Proven.


SULFURTRAP® St1 - h2S型干气吸附剂 
SULFURTRAP® Lh - h2S和硫醇吸附剂用于液态烃
PERCO® – Catalyst For Mercaptan Removal In Liquid Hydrocarbons


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